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Gout leads to sudden, severe joint pain, and in 60% of gout cases, a second flare-up occurs within a year. Because gout can lead to recurring issues and can affect your work and daily functions, you can get started on integrative treatment solutions from Francine Rhinehart, DPM, at her office in Dallas, Texas. If you’re in the middle of a gout attack or have a history of gout flare-ups, book an appointment online today. You can also call to schedule by phone.

Gout Q & A

What is gout? 

A type of arthritis, gout leads to debilitating joint pain that comes on fast. Gout occurs when you have too much uric acid in your body. 

Uric acid is simply a byproduct of purine digestion — purines are found in red meat, seafood, and alcohol — that can build up if you consume a lot of these types of foods.

Your uric acid levels may also become elevated if your kidneys aren’t functioning properly. In any case, once uric acid starts circulating throughout your bloodstream, it collects and hardens in cooler areas, like your toes. 

You wind up with small, jagged uric acid crystals in your joints that disrupt your normal joint functions. Because gout is often preventable and treatable during a flare-up, it’s important to have an evaluation at the first sign of gout. 

What are the symptoms of gout?

Gout leads to a host of symptoms, but one thing is most common: sudden, sharp, intense joint pain. Usually this pain occurs in your big toe, although gout also often affects other joints, including your ankle.

During your gout flare-up, you may find that you have any of these joint issues:

  • Inflammation 
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Warmth 

Gout can even make it unbearable for you to bear weight on your affected joint and decrease your range of motion. Before these symptoms persist any further, contact the practice of Francine Rhinehart, DPM, to schedule an exam. 

How does a podiatrist treat gout?

Dr. Rhinehart can help you get through your current gout attack, while helping you find solutions to lower your risk of future gout issues. She runs expanded bloodwork to evaluate your uric acid levels to better determine which treatments you may need. 

Your gout treatment plan may include:

  • Uric acid-lowering agents 
  • Education on foods to avoid
  • Medications to improve uric acid removal
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Dr. Rhinehart also provides KRYSTEXXA® for gout. This intravenous (IV) treatment converts uric acid into a water-soluble substance that’s easy for your body to flush away through urine. 

KRYSTEXXA results in significantly lower uric acid levels in just 24 hours. Within six months, KRYSTEXXA dissolves most of the uric acid in your body, resulting in a dramatic decrease in gout flare-ups. 

Click on the online scheduling tool to book your gout evaluation at the practice of Francine Rhinehart, DPM. You can also call to schedule a visit over the phone.