Bothered by the Look of Your Feet? Aesthetic Podiatry Can Help

Every summer, the demand for foot masks, pedicures, and other aesthetic treatments goes up. If you feel like your feet aren’t sandal-ready due to conditions like warts, toenail deformities, or fungus, an experienced podiatrist can help tackle those problems in time for summer. Don’t get stuck wearing sneakers or Crocs this summer -- aesthetic podiatry is a better solution. 

Podiatrist Dr. Francine Rhinehart’s practice in the Oak Cliff area of south Dallas, Texas, is the right destination for those who are unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of their feet. If you have a condition, she can diagnose and treat it safely and effectively.

Common aesthetic flaws on the feet 

The good thing about aesthetic podiatry is that it’s just an extension of clinical podiatry, with an emphasis on making your feet look clean and healthy. Many common foot conditions can give your feet an unhealthy appearance. Here are a few examples along with explanations of how our aesthetic podiatry treatments can help.


Plantar warts are an extremely common foot condition, especially if you spend time around moist environments like pools, beaches, and locker rooms. These warts are not only unsightly, they can be painful and annoying as well. Luckily, we can help remove them and give you tips on avoiding warts in the future. 

Toenail deformities 

Toenail deformities can be caused by a number of things, including: 

If you have a toenail deformity, your nails might appear hard, brittle, misshapen, or discolored. After we treat the underlying issue, we can remodel your toenails with KeryFlex® to give your toes a makeover. Using this medical-grade resin, Dr. Rhinehart makes your toenails look natural and healthy. 

Sun spots

Sun spots are usually a form of hyperpigmentation, but they can also be a sign of skin cancer. If you’ve noticed blemishes on your feet, your podiatrist can help identify and remove them for you. If a sun spot on your foot or ankle looks suspicious, we can biopsy it to determine if it’s a cause for concern. 

If the blemish is noncancerous, a laser can be used to fade the hyperpigmentation. 

If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your feet, Dr. Rhinehart can help you identify problems and build a treatment plan. Whether you have a single wart or a myriad of issues, we can suggest solutions to all of them. 

If you’re hesitant to wear sandals or go barefoot on the beach because of how your feet look, consider reaching out to an aesthetic podiatrist for help. You can get in touch with Dr. Rhinehart by calling 214-216-6538, or book an appointment online

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