Bothered by Flat Feet? Custom Shoe Inserts Can Help

Bothered by Flat Feet? Custom Shoe Inserts Can Help

Flat feet, or fallen arches, are a fairly common condition. You can tell if you have flat feet when your feet get wet and step on cement: If you leave an imprint of an entire foot, then you have flat feet. A normal imprint, with an arch, only shows the toes, ball, heel, and the outside of your foot.

If your flat feet don’t cause you grief, there’s no need to worry about them. But if you have pain in your feet or other symptoms caused by the lack of an arch, Francine Rhinehart, DPM, an expert podiatrist in Dallas, Texas, recommends custom shoe inserts. Here’s why.

Flat feet don’t absorb shocks

Arches that have fallen over time are usually due to a condition called overpronation, in which you tend to turn your foot inward. That places pressure on the tendons that hold your arch up in place, and gradually leads to their becoming weaker.

When your tendons are strong enough to hold your arch in place, they help your foot absorb the shocks of everyday walking as well as running and jumping. Loose or damaged tendons and fallen arches mean that your feet don’t absorb shocks as well as they should. The stress of walking could lead to all kinds of problems, including:

You might have tried to alleviate your foot pain with store-bought shoe inserts. Although store-bought inserts can help absorb shocks, they don’t give your arches the precise support they need to allow your foot to function at its best. 

Custom inserts are designed for your feet

If you want a well-fitted suit or dress, you go to a tailor for alterations so that the clothing is customized to your shape. If you want shoe inserts that actually make your feet feel better and help them function better, too, customization is the best choice. 

Custom shoe inserts don’t just absorb shocks. They’re a medical device that’s designed to correct biomechanical abnormalities in your feet and create a more perfectly aligned foot and healthier gait.

Customized shoe inserts, also called orthotics, are made to the exact specifications of your unique feet. Dr. Rhinehart takes an impression of each of your flat feet. She sends those impressions to a lab that then custom-molds shoe inserts that correct your fallen arches.

Depending on your unique needs, the inserts may be soft or rigid. You can get them for every type of shoe you have, including your running shoes.

Flat feet worsen without support

One of the prime reasons for getting custom orthotics for your flat feet is that if your tendons and arches don’t get the support they need, you’re more at risk for complications. Flat feet can degrade to the point where you may need a brace to keep your foot stable or even have to undergo surgery to repair the tendons.

Give your arches the support they’re asking for with custom-designed shoe inserts. Contact us about orthotics today by phoning our helpful office staff or booking an appointment online. 

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