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At least half of people who get tattoos later regret it. Unwanted ink on your foot or ankle can make you feel like covering up or hiding, but there’s no reason to feel embarrassed any longer. At the podiatric practice of Francine Rhinehart, DPM, in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Rhinehart offers laser tattoo removal with the medical industry’s top-rated Q-Clear™ laser. This virtually painless treatment can leave your skin clear with just a short series of in-office sessions. Call or schedule your tattoo removal online today.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?

If you have an unwanted tattoo on your foot or ankle, laser tattoo removal is often the most efficient way to deal with it. Dr. Rhinehart uses the state-of-the-art Q-Clear Nd:YAG laser for tattoo removal. This cutting-edge laser can remove nearly any color of ink because it combines two unique wavelengths, the 1064 and 532. 

The 1064 wavelength targets black ink, while the 532 wavelength targets brighter ink colors like red, purple, and orange. Dr. Rhinehart can assess your tattoo and determine an ideal treatment plan if you’re a good candidate for laser tattoo removal. 

How do I get ready for laser tattoo removal?

Dr. Rhinehart helps you prepare with a list of specific guidelines. This usually includes:

  • Avoiding sun exposure
  • Avoiding self-tanners
  • Discontinuing skin exfoliation 
  • Stopping smoking

Any irritation in the skin around your tattoo could interfere with your tattoo removal, so it’s important to follow the preparation guidelines closely. 

How does laser tattoo removal work?

After applying a topical numbing product, Dr. Rhinehart delivers laser light directly to the tattoo ink. The ink absorbs the light, but the skin around it is undamaged. 

As the tattoo ink absorbs the laser light, it grows warmer and then shatters into tiny particles. Over the next few weeks, you'll flush out those tiny ink particles through the normal healing process to leave your skin clear. 

This ultimately gives you a progressive, natural-looking fading that other tattoo removal methods just can’t replicate. 

The treatment sessions are as short as a few minutes each, with larger tattoos taking longer. 

What should I do after laser tattoo removal?

Dr. Rhinehart gives you specific laser tattoo removal instructions after your first appointment. Generally, they include avoiding sun exposure, keeping the treated area covered, and using antibiotic ointment. 

How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

Before you have your first treatment, Dr. Rhinehart can predict the number of treatments you’ll need. In general, it takes around 7-10 sessions to clear a tattoo. 

Don’t let the embarrassment of old tattoo ink drag you down. Call Francine Rhinehart, DPM, or book your tattoo removal consultation online today.